Hello, my name is Outman,

I'm a Full-stack C# and Angular Developer with more than 7 years of professional experience.


Welcome to my portfolio page!

I'm based in Paris, France.

C# is my modern language of choice. I've been a Certified C# Specialist since 2016, and my expertise spans across both backend and frontend technologies.
On the frontend, I work extensively with JavaScript/TypeScript, particularly with Angular, to build responsive and dynamic web applications.
On the backend, C# provides me with the robust tools needed to create efficient and scalable solutions through.

I have a passion for minimalist code and to be as efficient as possible, as showcased by this web page. I wrote this web page using only modern HTML5 and CSS3 using Grid Layout. No JavaScript nor any third-party library, and I plan to enrich it in the future.

I'm currently learning some Rust and Go and I'm having a lot of fun with Go especially. I also run a blog using HUGO.

In terms of design, specifically graphic design, I've been interested in the Brutalist wave of web design with its bold aesthetic and striking visuals. Someday, I would like to work on a website that follows that particular design language.

For more information about me, or if you want to hire me, don't hesitate to contact me or message me on my LinkedIn page.